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Alpha Compact Record System
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For maximum, Bookkeeping simplicity
Makes efficient bookkeeping a snap for every small business. All income, expense, and bank activity is kept on a single two-page spread for each month. You can record up to 90 expenses per month (45 by check, 45 by cash), with totals transferring easily to an annual summary form. Contains a payroll section for up to 5 employees, plus a dozen other analysis forms.


  • 13 Income and Payments Records
  • Summary of Income and Payments
  • Profit or Loss
  • Home/Office Expense Allocation
  • Inventory Record
  • Balance Sheet
  • Purchase and Sale of Capital Items
  • Capital & Loan Payments Control
  • 2 General Analysis Forms
  • Customer Records Section
  • 4 Payments Continuations
  • Monthly Vehicle Expense Record
  • Payroll Taxes Withheld & Paid Summary Sheet
  • 5 Individual Payroll Records
  • Protective Case with System Instructions

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